Silver is a tradition in beautiful gifts. We at 999silver believe in expressing feelings and emotions through silver sculptures. Our silver sculptures do not need many words. Their visual language speaks of a precious and rare handicraft, of a well-known and traditional style that is not afraid of time, of elegance combined with modern design, with an eye to the traditional principles of beauty, balance and pure lines. These artifacts are part of our daily life, express our likings, reflect our divine beliefs and encourage synaesthesia and reciprocity of feelings and moods. They are not mere objects, but handicrafts with their own feelings, to be treasured and shared, rather than just stored away.

When looking for a unique gift that will last a lifetime, our silver artifacts are perfect for every occasion with their highest level of excellence, beauty and technical perfection. Celebrate an occasion with a captivating 999Silver sculpture. 


Welcome to the world of exquisite 999silver figurines

An Idol, a gift, a remembrance....

We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy making them.